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Make Gut Healthy Bread in Your Own Home!

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How Does It Work?

Fermentation breaks down gluten and carbs, so they are "pre-digested" for you! We use an extra heavy fermentation process called "double heavy fermentation" in everything we bake. This process is the magic that has helped so many people get wheat back.

NO MORE - Gluten Problems - Blood Sugar Spikes - Carb Cutting for Weight Loss. Let fermentation do the work instead!


American wheat is often very dirty, so we source some of the highest quality grains you can find. Chemicals are never applied to our wheat in any form. Even during the cleaning process. It is a pioneer age ancient grain that has escaped the mass cross-breading/hybridization of our modern wheat strains.

Also, we never hide sugar in staple food items. We only include sugar in desserts where it belongs.


Will This Work for Me?

Everyone is different, but many people are able to get wheat back in their diets through our ancient baking methods. Below are some examples.

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"As Someone with a gluten sensitivity, I lovingly call this MAGIC BREAD, because it's made with high quality ingredients, it's nutritious, my body can digest it, and it's the most delicious bread."

-Megan S.

" I LOVE THAT I HAVE BREAD BACK, and not only do I have bread back, it's the best bread! My skin issues are gone, but bread is back!"

-Ginger P.

"Before I found Time Traveler's Bread, I HADN'T HAD BREAD IN YEARS due to the side effects of high carb food. But with Time Traveler's sourdough, I don't have the headaches, nausea, or fatigue that I felt with other foods."

-Bethanie S.

This Often Works For People With Many Different Disorders

Gluten Sensitivity | Diabetes | Hashimoto's & Other Thyroid Issues | General Autoimmune Disorders | Fibromyalgia | Crohn's Disease | Ulcerative Colitis | Hormone Disorders | PCOS | POTS


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